Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Hat Parade

We have loved our mission in Romania! Our experiences have changed us and we will never be the same. We have gained an appreciation for another culture, another way of life, and another part of the world. Eighteen months ago we had to look at a map to locate Romania and now we feel like we ARE Romanian! We counted up our hats the other day and found we own nine. Buying at least one hat in Romania is a must, since letting your head or your ears go uncovered in the winter is an invitation for sure death. If we ever leave our bloc without a hat, well-meaning strangers will usually remind us of the riskiness of our behavior.
About two weeks ago, I began capturing photos of great hats. My photography was sometimes unknown to the models. Enjoy the fashion show.

These hats were purchased in Chisinau, Moldova. Mine is sliver fox and Denny's is mink.

Elders Frandsen and Betteridge make these hats look fun.

Every little child wears a hat. This one is just cute. Others are more functional!

This hat is just covering for the top.

This is not a hat (duh!) but it is a Romanian head covering. Most women wear scarfs.


The Maidenform models also wore scarfs.

This man is wearing an Igloo hat. Different!

Beanie Baby.

This is a typical Romanian hat, always worn by men over 50. It is made from baby lambs.

Elder Van Wagoner models his Davy Crockett hat.

This hat has ear flaps that fold down when the need arises. Don't laugh. These hats are not only functional, they are very warm.

This is just a crazy hat!

Sometime you wonder if there's an animal alive under there! This is definitely home-made!

This man was very proud of his beaver hat. It has to be combed!

Another beaver!

This nice Romanian modeled his traditional lamb hat. (I don't think they really call them that!)

Another lamb hat!

This man is wearing an elderly lamb hat. Don't ask!

This picture was taken today, February 23, 2011. With yet another snowstorm to brighten his day, Elder Linerud is cheerfully working hard to the end! Thank goodness for a warm hat!