Monday, January 25, 2010


This week, we visited Cluj, a city in northern Romania about the size of Spokane. We took the day train for 9 hours and thrilled with the views of the frozen countryside. It was our pleasure to visit with three groups (NGO's as we call them--Non-Governmental Organizations). The first visit was to a boarding school for 4 through 10 year old disadvantaged children. Think about that.
Twenty years ago when Communism was overthrown here, some landowners were lucky enough to be given back the land that had been previously taken away. The land where this school sits belongs to a kind old man who wanted to make a difference in the lives of children in villages. He built a school and now about 60 children live here, going home on weekends and holidays. They are from poor families who gladly give them up so they can have a hot meal, a clean bed and an education. The children were so young and all I could think of was our own grandchildren and how they would feel leaving their homes. As we rode home on the train we talked to a friend who shared our cabin and she said she went to a boarding school when she was 6 because her parents were poor and...she cried every night. This is Romania.

I tried a new trick in this posting...a slide show. You will see pictures of quilts and wonder why. This school received part of a shipment from Salt Lake City giving them school kits, hygiene kits and quilts. Mormon women make these quilts! If one looks familiar to you, you probably tied it! Thank you! Romanian winters are brutal! This week the temperatures are below zero.


  1. It's really sobering to see quilts at the receiving end. I've sewn many a quilt top for the Humanitarian Center and tied a number, too. Right now quilts are the Center's #1 priority. They have us making pom poms, though, to go to Haiti with a doctor group leaving Thursday. Then we'll sew quilt tops again. I also am sewing Personal Progress booklet holders to give each of our girls at New Beginnings (SL has come out with new booklets, journals, incentives, etc.) What are you proposing for the children's center? Did you pass through the Romanian mountains to get to Cluj? It is neat to see the countryside in winter. We got 6" of snow Saturday--more tomorrow.
    FYI: Cameron's last day is Wednesday! His report is Sunday. Timmi was the lead story on KHQ Friday! All on her own she spearheaded a fundraiser at her school for Haiti. It started fundraisers at several North Idaho schools! (I'm not proud!)Te iubesc.

  2. It makes me cry to hear about the boarding school! I can't imagine sending my children/grandchildren away when they are so young (wait until they're at least teens!) Then again...perhaps it is a favor to their children to have a meal and a warm bed. Please let me know how I can bring some of those babies to my house!! Keep up the great work~Love, Lori

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention NGO in our industry stands for "Not in Good Order." Do you think that is a fitting description of your Non Governmental Organizations?
    Also, it must have been so fun to be able to provide those beautiful quilts to the kids. What a fun (HARD) mission!
    LOVE your hats! You look SOOOOOOOOO COLD! We've had a very mild winter her in Spokompton. I've been following Tiara Reed's mission and she posted pictures of frost on her eye lashes, so maybe you don't have it so bad?!? Take care & keep warm!!