Sunday, January 31, 2010


Sometimes, life is so raw that words or pictures cannot express the feelings we are experiencing. Today we awoke to an early morning phone call explaining that there had been a tragedy in our mission. Two young Elders had been accidentally asphyxiated by natural gas in their apartment in Timisoara. Our thoughts immediately went to their families in Utah and Nevada and then to our missionaries here, grieving beyond expression.
As we gathered for church, the mood was somber but it wasn't until the Mission President and his wife entered the building that the flood gates opened. One by one, the young missionaries were hugged tightly by President Lundberg. Sora Lundberg could not hold back the tears and sobbed as she met each one. We watched grief beyond description today. There are no pictures with this blog post because only your heart can take a picture of the suffering we saw today. If you can, imagine a loving Mission President and his wife consoling their "children". Please include our Mission in your prayers. Our prayers are with the parents of these fine young Elders. This is an "unexpected transfer" and in the coming days, we will understand it all. For now, we're very sad.


  1. Oh my goodness, that is so so sad! We will definitely keep their families and all the missionaries in your mission in our prayers. xoxoxo

  2. Beyond words for sure~I am so sorry and so sad for each of you! Love & prayers to every one. May God uphold you in the coming days as you struggle to make since of this "transfer." We know one thing, their calling and election has been made sure, and they will complete their missions. It's also comforting to know that they did not suffer! Still...words cannot express how very difficult this would be. I can't even imagine. XOXOXO

  3. Brother and Sister Linerud,
    We are so happy that you are there to help comfort our son as well as the other missionaries. Can you please give Logan a big hug from us and tell him that we love him more than he can even imagine. If you are able to get the addresses of Elder Burrows and Elder Davis families, we missionary moms of all the missionaries in Romania would like to send them our thoughts and love. Thank you again for being there and mothering our sons and daughters since we cannot.
    Niki Clonts
    missionary mom to Elder Logan Clonts

  4. Our hearts are heavy, our thoughts and prayers are with all those serving in the Romania mission.

  5. Addresses for sure! Thank you for the suggestion Sister Clonts. At a time when we are all feeling so sad & helpless, it would be wonderful to be able to send our love and condolences to these families who are suffering the unimaginable.
    PS~The Linerud's are the perfect "parents" for your sons/daughters while they are away from you. We miss our neighbors!!

  6. Our hearts are heavy with the grief we all share at a time like this. But nothing like those of you there, comforting and being comforted by one another. I'm glad you are there to be understanding comforters and counselors to the younger elders and sisters. This must be really hard on President and Sora Lundberg. You are definitely in our prayers.
    The Lord understands this. We will carry on until we understand it, too. Te iubesc--lots and lots.

  7. We are devastated for their families, for you, and for your whole mission. Many around-the-world hugs, prayers and thoughts coming to you now and in the coming weeks and months.
    Much Love,
    Joel and Deborah

  8. We're praying for you and the families of those Elders. So sorry Mom. We love you.