Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today marks the 6 month anniversary of our mission in Romania. In the true missionary spirit and upholding all tradition, we burned a tie and pantyhose near the garbage chute of our apartment. You can tell by the smiles on our faces...it was WAY fun!
We love our mission. We are constantly amazed at the experiences we're having and we are so thankful we made the decision to serve. It has been the hardest and best thing we've done together. A sense of humor is essential and we're glad we have each other to laugh at our predicaments. Just this week we got caught in a surprise downpour on the other side of the city. We actually fished an inverted umbrella out of a garbage can and re bent it to make do! HAVE YOU EVER DONE THAT? And to think we could be golfing!

The flaming tie and pantyhose.

One thing we have learned is how to eat anything, almost! We can't bring ourselves to eat CRAP (yet)!

Today we saw our first leaves and had to get a picture. Spring is finally here.

Families were in every playground we passed.

These are Easter baskets with real fur stuffed bunnies.

The old men love spring almost as much as the children. Minutes after we took this picture a shouting/shoving match broke out. Guess it wasn't check-mate!

We couldn't resist snapping this shot of Violet! We have seen every hair color but this is a do just in time for Easter.

Here we have "one-stop-shopping"...workout, eat, and get your oil changed...while you wait!

If you park in a no-parking zone you risk becoming victim to the "tow crane sting". Six of these cranes work in unison to clear a line of cars in about 20 minutes.

This week we delivered a wheelchair to a young man the missionaries are teaching. Elder Clonts instigated the delivery and he was the most excited!

This is Adrian. He has a rare bone disorder that over time has deformed his feet and legs. He has been waiting for a wheelchair from the government for 5 years.

This is one happy young man!

We attended another wheelchair distribution 2 hours outside of Bucharest. This has become one of our favorite activities. Nothing beats watching the smiles on these faces.

This is an authentic craft fair. The artisans actually make things in front of you and then you buy the thing!

This cute little lady was spinning wool.

This girl was buying an authentic Romanian dress and showing us how it all went together. We all bought one!

She was darling and so nice.

And finally...the last picture is a doozy. We were telling our wheelchair specialist from Salt Lake that we had never seen a wheelchair on the streets of Bucharest in the 6 months we have been here. Finally, the snow melted and the first one appeared just this week! It's an all-purpose model that doubles as a truck and a small animal transporter. All we can say is...if this girl has legs under this load, they're probably crushed by now and she really needs a wheelchair, with cup holders!


  1. Congratulations on your 6th month mark!! I loved the pictures, I wish we were still there. You guys look great, and it seems you're having fun as usual! Awesome job on getting the wheelchairs distributed. You guys are GREAT!! Thanks for everything...
    "we're still stalking you" :)
    Love you both, the Sora Smiths

  2. I want to be you guys some day. I guess there's a time and a season for all things in life. I am loving reading your blog!

  3. Good choice for a tie to burn. How many snags/runs were in the pantyhose? That's a great tradition. What a rewarding blessing to have wheelchairs as part of your jurisdiction! You must seem like angels from heaven to those sweet people--well, you are!
    Te iubesc.

  4. Oh man, I miss Romania!!! And you guys So MUCH! I loved these pictures, especially the girl in the Wheelchair, that is so CRAZY! but, that's so Romania!! haha. I am glad to see you guys doing so well, congrats on the six month mark, they come up too quickly, before you know it, it'll be the year and you'll say, hang on... I just did this, but it doesn't feel like six months ago! :) My mom, is right, we are still stalking you, sorry I haven't got a decent email written but I will send you one before monday, that is my goal! I love you guys lots take care and have fun!! I know you will!! Pa Sora Amy Smith

  5. Goalia,
    Abbey and Josh miss you dearly. Abbey was recently asking about you and how you are doing in Hawaii!!! I told her you are somewhere better than Hawaii...Romania!!
    Just know that you are so missed and can't wait to have you back in the states! I love reading your blogs because I can hear your voice in your blogs....keep up the great work!
    The Wigen's