Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Missionaries have a name for it. It's the day when you realize your mission is exactly halfway over. It's HUMPDAY and we're there! From now on we'll be sliding down, picking up speed!

This past week we stayed close to home---no train rides, no visits to orphanages, no jaw-dropping excursions. Instead, we worked at our computers, answered our 100 emails (our average for a week), wrote yet another project, attended our Zone Meeting, had some medical tests, almost went to a concert, toured a museum and enjoyed every minute.
Here are the pictures to prove it!

A "Zone Meeting" happens once a transfer (every 6 weeks) where the missionaries of 2 or 3 zones (50 or so) get together to receive encouragement and instruction. It's a great time!

Sora Hardy and Sora Slaeman are in their last transfer. President Lundberg couldn't resist stepping in the picture.

As we mentioned in our last post, Denny had some eye concerns that needed further testing. Our trek across the city to this hospital took an hour. Like a lot of experiences here, it was like stepping back 50 years.

Before entering the land of high-tech-ness, I took this shot down the corridor.

Never trust an Opthamologist who uses binoculars duct-taped to a tripod to do your exam. Of course, she washed her hands in the sink in the background and DRIED HER HANDS on the sanitary towel! Denny's eyes checked out fine. City dust is probably the culprit.

One of the members invited us to a symphony concert in this magnificent concert hall. Tickets were sold out so we took a few pictures and went to dinner.

This is a glimpse of the interior.

We will be back...next time with tickets!

Walking is what we do most. Here, Elder Linerud and Elder Van Orman mortify their wives at a street corner as they do the "stretch".

....lest we become old and...


This is a common scene we see every morning on our way to the Metro (subway). Romanian women sell herbs, vegetables, flowers, anything they can.

Some Romanian women drown their sorrows with bottles of beer.

And now....for the picture of the week! When you think you have too much on your plate, and you can't possibly do it all....
you see someone doing the impossible.
There really is someone pulling this wagon. Luckily, he's licensed!


  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? That eye doctor's office is one for the record books. Keep yourselves healthy so you never have to go to one again!

  2. I'll ignore the "retro" doctor's office for the gorgeous concert hall. Hope you do get to go back. They don't make them like that anymore. Don't get going too fast on that downhill slide! Te iubesc.

  3. These are potentially the best pictures yet! I especially loved the one of the old women and their beer... reminds me of you and my mom. Haha!
    P.S. I'll totally respond to your email tonight :) I'm horrible about responding. Ha!