Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Almost right on schedule, our newest granddaughter, Kate was born in Salt Lake City on Wednesday to Steve and Barb. We got the news as we talked to Steve on Skype on a train in the middle of Romania. The reception was poor but we heard the words, "Kate is here. She and Barb are doing great." We cried.
Kate is our second grandchild to be born while we have been serving here in Romania. We are so very grateful to a kind, loving Heavenly Father who has blessed our family with these precious spirits. Do we miss these new babies and all of our 14 grandchildren on the other side of the world? Of course. But, we want these grandchildren to know that we are a missionary family and that we love Heavenly Father and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will be home soon enough and the "holding" will begin!

New baby Kate

Kate and Barb's mom and cute Izzy.

Jon...not so sure about another sister!

Izzy will be a great helper. She's a natural.


  1. What a beautiful baby girl and a wonderful blessing to the family. Congratulations to all!! You have such adorable grandkids...no wonder you miss them. I wonder if people miss ugly grandkids while they're serving missions? JK ;-)

  2. We both have new granddaughters this month! Congratulations!!!

  3. We miss y'all Gloria & Denny! I'll be home this Sunday, so we'll have to ichat!

  4. Hi Gloria - I saw that you commented on Rachel's blog. You are so sweet. She is my cousin (my dad's brother's daughter). She is so sweet, and I just hope everything is going to be okay. Love ya.