Sunday, August 22, 2010

Red Leather Scriptures

I just got my scriptures back from a book-binder and they are BEAUTIFUL! A common thing to do in this mission is to have your scriptures rebound in leather. Now, all I want to do is hold my scriptures close. They are beautiful inside and out and I love them! Next week when we'll be in Cluj, it will be Denny's turn to transform his. Stay tuned.

Spending 24/7 in the service of our Lord has been a humbling and rewarding experience...and we have changed. Last week we noticed a new resident in our neighborhood, a homeless man sleeping on a park bench directly below us. The evening air finally fell below 80 degrees and we noticed he was using a piece of cardboard for a blanket. Last night we gathered a blanket, pillows, a hat and scarf, and some food and Denny took it down to him. He was startled when he first woke up and then he thanked Denny profusely. Tonight he is back and he still has his blanket and pillow and nightcap! I think we will take him some food every night. This is a blast and we wouldn't have known the pure joy this simple act of giving brings had we not decided to serve a mission. For some reason, we have always looked at the homeless and downtrodden in a disgusting way. We have now come to accept the fact that people are people--all God's people, and they need our help, not our disdain. Try helping someone down and out this week and see how you feel.


  1. That's a cool story about the homeless man, mom. I'm going to tell that to the kids. You are setting such a good example for them (and all of us!)

  2. You two are THE BEST!! I want to be like you when I grow up! Te iubesc.

  3. Aw, you're the best. I used to think that way about people... then I started teaching middle school in Vegas. Now I kind of want to kill them. Haha! Just kidding! I'll be sending you an invite soon... probably via email, 'cuz that's easier. Love ya lots!!

  4. I love you guys. That is an awesome story. I SHOULD have done that... I could have done that... I didn't.. But I guess I did other things similar, you can't NOT do something when you are there. YOu're awesome!
    How I miss the missionary mantle. It literally hurts to loose it. I miss it terribly. I feel so empty. But it's getting better.
    P.S. You did your scripture the same as I did mine!!! Except I only did my Book of Mormon... COOL, it will be your favorite souvenir.
    AND P.S. I realized all the time I put into buying things for others... they didn't really care about the stuff and I find it on the floor in a heap. I pick it up and justify myself in stealing it back, then I keep it for myself. Keep that in mind.

  5. Hmmm...I know I didn't comment two weeks ago, but no need to punish EVERYONE. I'm missin' me some Linerud mission blog!! Wuz up?