Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Next Big Push

Our humanitarian mission in Romania continues to amaze us as we add new experiences to the long list of what we have titled, "Can you believe we did that?". After the wheelchair project, we took a few days off and slept in past the 6:30 a.m. normal wake-up time. We are now fully immersed in the next big push, another Major Initiative, NRT (Neonatal Resuscitation Training) which will take place the first week of November. Dr. George Bennett and his wife, Marcia have been pulling the project together from their home in Salt Lake while we have been doing the footwork here in Romania. They will arrive with another Neonatalogist, Dr. Donna Dizon-Townson at the end of October (Halloween to you!) and we will all travel by van to two cities where the training will take place. Forty hospitals will send doctors, nurses and midwives to be trained. It is humbling to know that what we are doing will really make a difference here in Romania. Saving babies is pretty darn important.

I stumbled on to a neat story about a doctor in Utah who helps with NRT projects in Africa and South America.

In other news...we burned more clothes this week as we celebrated our one year mark. Don't worry that these items had any life left in them...they are missionary clothes...once great and now totally worn out! Six months to go. We are spinning out of control!


  1. There are so many clothes in my closet that need that same end! That must be very freeing. Good luck getting the neonatal meetings up and running. Te iubesc. Janet

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! At's all downhill after burning the pants/skirt. Can't wait to see the suit burning party! LOve, JB

  3. The neonatal training sounds so cool. You will be impacting generations with that life-saving knowledge! And YEAH!!!! You hit your one-year mark!!!! Can you believe it? Love you!