Sunday, November 28, 2010

Humanitarian Missionary Conference

Last week we flew to Frankfurt, Germany to meet with the other European humanitarian couples for a conference. All of us spoke the same language (English) and used the same vocabulary (Humanitarianeze) as we compared battle wounds and war stories from our countries. Represented were: Albania, Cape Verde, Croatia, Macedonia/Kosovo, Moldova, Serbia, Slovakia, and Romania. Frankfurt is the Church headquarters of the "Europe Area" and we were so fortunate to be able to stay in Friedrichsdorf, just steps away from the beautiful Frankfurt temple, where we were able to attend a session. (At the top of the long list of "Things we miss most" is living close to a temple.) The conference was wonderful and we returned to Romania with great enthusiasm and new friends who share what it's like to eat chicken gizzard soup and get stuck in elevators and on and on. It was so fun to laugh at our follies!

Here we are posing in front of the Frankfurt Temple.

This is Friedrichsdorf. It is about 20 miles from Frankfurt.

We look great, don't we?

After the conference, we spent Saturday walking around Frankfurt.

I took this picture to show the old with the new. Frankfurt is a very wealthy city--the banking center of Europe.

I took this picture to show typical German architecture. This is the real thing!

This is a first (since leaving the good 'ol USA)...a real public drinking fountain!

And finally, I couldn't resist taking this picture of a true entrepreneur who has a very self-contained frankfurter business in Frankfurt! To watch him walk around, making hot-dogs, carrying propane on his back was entertainment at it's best. Watch out Costco!


  1. you've got a great idea for how to save up for your next mission...Hotdog EXPRESS!

  2. There is no limit to the possibilities if you can think them up. We've been to Frankfurt, but I sure don't remember much about it--and I know we never saw the frankfurter man! Good stuff.

  3. Looks so clean and refreshing. Nice arm placement with the statue, Denny!