Sunday, November 28, 2010

Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving...

Back by popular demand are the pictures of this year's feast preparations. Denny took position in front of our Easy Bake oven, flashlight in hand with the ever-important job of keeping the temperature constant. Someone in Romania needs to invent an oven thermostat!

Denny also doubled as the Director of Quality Control. It's a job, but somebody has to do it!

As you can tell, I love this holiday! Baking is something I truly enjoy and watching the missionaries devour these rolls made my day!

Denny kept the dishes under control. He is such a wonderful guy and I'm lucky to have him as my husband and missionary companion.


  1. Happy happy thanksgiving! Looks like it was blast. And delicious food as always even in that kitchen!

  2. I MUST have baking lessons when you return! Those rolls and pies looked absolutely PERFECT. We had Rhoades Rolls & Pioneer Pies... and definitely feel cheated! Because~well~we were!!

  3. Love the picture in front of the easy bake... can't believe it's been a whole year since the first Thanksgiving post! We'll be over for the rolls next year! ;)

  4. So that's what's wrong with my oven! I have to put foil over everything to start with and then remove it half way through. If I don't it burns on the top and is raw on the bottom. Some one should invent garbage disposals here in Croatia and while they're at it,refrigerators that don't make me feel like I'm playiung house. Looks like you have got it mastered. Love your post!

  5. Oh mom, I miss you! Your rolls and pumpkin pies are beyond compare. You look great (as does the food!)

  6. Did I mention you both look very Eastern European in your new blog picture? I like the black jackets with grey skies and old cathedral thing going on. It's like, "yeah, that's my mom."

    And we missed you for Thanksgiving (understatement). I made an apple pie with your recipe, but it wasn't the same. Didn't even attempt the rolls. Luckily, we'll be eating your rolls at Thanksgiving next year in Spokane!

    LOve, JB