Friday, October 2, 2009


Today was "Visa Day"! The office Elders took us all over Bucharest to jump through government hoops so we can be legal residents. We had physicals which consisted of taking our temperature (Armpit...are you kidding me?) and pressing on our foreheads (sinus problems?) and tapping our knees (reflexes?). The good news is we're in perfect health! Next stop, a bank where the Elders stood in an hour-long line to pay our visa taxes. The last, and final stop was the police station where the line was short and the wait was, and I'm not making this up, 3 hours! We stood there the whole time and had a great conversation with the Elders! We even gave out a Pass-along card to the woman in back of us! Pages of documents were presented and looked over by a very official person. Questions were asked in Romanian (thankfully the Elders are standing by) and finally, a photo was taken. That was the hardest part. Just try to look into a camera and not smile! She looked annoyed when she had to retake it! The "take a number" technology has not made it to Romania! I'll never complain about the DMV again!

The line!

Block houses. This is our view as we sit at our dining room table. We live in one of these.

Great Romanian architecture! This is a bank.

A great restaurant ("probably the best in town").

The pastries and breads are fabulous!

You're probably wondering if this is a sightseeing mission. No! We are busy looking over past projects and getting our feet on the ground. Our trainer from Frankfurt will be here on Sunday for 4 days. We have until then to find our way around. Then, the REAL fun begins!


  1. So great to catch up with you!

  2. We are praying for you!
    Miss you,

    Chuck and Elaine

  3. Hello guys...I was just given this blog address..I'm forwarding it onto Paul and Shirley so they can keep up with what you're doing! Congratulations on your mission call!

  4. HEY! I can finally catch up--our computer was down for four days. Geek Squad just left and we're up and running again. Bucharest looks very do-able! Maybe the lines are so you have a chance to "pass it on". Just to rub it in: I waited 15 min. for presc. and an hour to get the car aligned today. How's the language? Love you! Janet

  5. Romania looks really cool and your place is nice and quaint. You gotta love the views from the apartment. Enjoy those yummy pasteries and you'll have to eat at the "Probably the best restaurant in town!" and let us all know what you thought!! Our prayers are with you always.