Monday, October 5, 2009

Our First Weekend

Our mission to bring Humanitarian aid to the people of Romania is so far, really entertaining! We are learning new things every how to take the north-bound tramvei SOUTH, how to buy things (we actually know more Romanian than we thought), how to sleep in a horn-honking festival, how to sanitize fruits and vegetables, and how to live in a big city. You'd think city life would be exciting on the weekends. We had a blast, missionary style!

We live in this apartment complex, center section, 5th floor. For fun, we watch the traffic and people below. You can't buy this kind of entertainment!

Friday afternoon I started what I lovingly call, "Washer Woman Weekend". Clothes dryer technology has not yet hit Romania. This process took all weekend! No party tonight at the Linerud's!

Saturday morning at the Piata. Luckily, our tutor, Christina taught us all the names for these things. Now, to remember them! These people speak NO English!

Saturday evening we watched Conference in this Mihai Bravu Chapel. This is the building where we'll be attending church every Sunday.

Here we are with another missionary couple and a new convert.

Whenever missionaries get together, all the cameras come out. What a great bunch!

We love our mission and we're excited about the work we have to do. Our Area Directors will spend a week with us and then we'll confident about everything. Right! We get up excited every day! The language is coming! Thanks for your prayers!


  1. I'm so excited that you guys are going to keep a blog going during your mission. What a great way to keep in contact with everyone and also be able to print it all in a mission book when you get home.

    Looks like you are already having an awesome adventure!! Love your "washer woman" pictures!

    love, sara ditto

  2. Loving your mission blog! Nice laundry ;-) I remember those days of living overseas and adding humidity to the air.

    Looking forward to next weeks adventure with the Linerud's!!