Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moldova Water Project

This week was an exciting one in the world of Humanitarian service. We took an overnight train to the neighboring country of Moldova to visit Humanitarian Missionaries, Elder and Sister Hinson. They had just completed a project where the Church funded the installation of a complete water system for a village of 4,000. To this point, all water was from contaminated wells along the streets. Because of the generous contributions of members of the Church around the world, this little community now has fresh water piped into their homes and schools. The townspeople welcomed us like royalty and after the ceremony and tour, fed us an elaborate meal. We were told that each school child brought a portion of the meal to be prepared by the cooks. That means that chickens, ducks, fish, pork, veal, vegetables, fruits, and cheeses were all brought in fresh, from family farms and gardens. We were treated to a marvelous experience as we were thanked over and over again for our Church's generosity.
Enjoy the video.


  1. Humanitarian work is the BEST! Loved your video of the Moldovian village and people. Those cute boys could be boys from any YW group. The head scarf is a great idea--no hair worries that way. Good luck with your cooking project this week--gives a whole new meaning to "home cooked". Multumesc for sharing. Te iubesc.

  2. We love reading your blog each week! The boys love learning about your mission. You are a great example to them! Happy Turkey Day!
    Love Joanne and the gang