Monday, November 16, 2009

ROMANIA...The Same But Different!

When my son, Steven finished his first day of 1st grade, I asked him how he liked his new teacher. His reply: "She's the same one as last year, only with a different HEAD!"

Over the years, I've chuckled many times over that statement but it wasn't until living in a foreign country that I understood the "different head" part. My mother taught me well..."different" does not mean "bad" it's just, DIFFERENT.

A sense of humor helps when you live in a foreign country!

We flash these smiles about 100 times a day! We're having a blast!

This week we spent most of our days (and nights) in front of a computer. We proposed a project, and closed out two others that were in process when we arrived. For some reason, those who assigned us to be Country Directors thought we were computer geniuses! Being real estate email masters does not hold a candle to what we've learned here in the last month! Luckily, my computer is also a genius, which has saved it's life many times as I've threatened to throw it into the traffic 6 floors down!

Denny's computer is in the bedroom which is is a good thing! Sometimes you just need your space! I have been known to email him from the living room! Denny is on the High Council and in this picture, he is preparing a talk he will give IN ROMANIAN in 2 weeks! We will travel by train to Brasov for this assignment.

I knew the day would come when I would resort to having my husband color my hair! He is a trooper and as far as I know, he didn't miss a hair! As good as he is...there's no way I would trust him with scissors! I went on the hunt for the perfect salon. (Just shoot me!)

Here we have 'Salon Sauvage'. The 'Frizerie' brought back memories of my teenage years when my hair was permanently "Frizeried". I didn't bite! (I also didn't buy the leather jacket the Gypsy woman was hocking!)

Here we have 'Style Victim Studio'. Call me crazy but sometimes I consider myself a "Style Victim" and this place called my name! I did my homework and learned all the important Romanian words like, "Just a trim" and "Not too short" and "Like I said, NO CLIPPERS!".

Monica did a great job, except for the blow-dry which gave me the "riding in a convertible" look! After my own styling, I was pleased! With tip, it cost $7.50 USD!
Watch out Donlee!

Back to my "Things that are different" theme. . .

This is our washing machine. The folks that brought us the "Easy Bake Oven" made this! It's like the "Easy Bake Oven" but not as fun!

I'm sure the "Easy Dry Dryer" is right around the corner. Until it's invented, this is our "different" way of drying. I call it doing my part to keep humidity in the air of Bucharest!

This is our double bed. We won't go into the virtues of the mattress. We're accustomed to a "KING" so sleeping like pencils for 18 months will be different!

This is our kitchen. In another week I'll be cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for 12 here. It is definitely a one woman workspace. Denny will have to email me if he wants to talk! Notice the 15X13-one rack "Easy Bake Oven"!

Sometimes Romanians think we're famous. These new friends wanted their picture with us! THAT'S DIFFERENT!

Our Spokane friends!

This is either a creative way to display your rock collection or a car cover in a hurricane. You choose!

No kidding. Gypsy wagons share the city streets. DIFFERENT!

We love our Mission and enjoy our adventures here.

But, sometimes we think of home and our quiet street and long for the sound of 'Rain birds' and a view of the Spokane Temple.

...and a trip to Chester Store.

Lest you think we're homesick, NOT HAPPEN EN'! We're a bit punchy after our week of computer trials but we're not down! This week, we'll take an overnight train to Moldova to visit a water project just finishing there. My camera will be ready and I promise better pictures than cars with rocks!


  1. Moldova sounds like another "different" adventure. Good travels and keep that camera working. It's wonderful to get to share this mission with you. Hurray for the hairdresser! (Well, both of them, actually.) I got a perm today, and it feels so nice. Good luck, Denny on your talk. I got to give a 1:15 min. lesson on the Dead Sea Scrolls for a professor, but at least it was in English (and Jim did all the legwork.) Tomorrow I teach a 20 lesson at a care center RS on the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum. The Gospel creates great growth opportunities. Keep growing. Te iubesc.

  2. Aunt Gloria,

    Remember the time I called you and asked how to bake a potato? Well, I'm sure it gave you a good laugh then, and I hope it gives you a good laugh now. The more of a chef I become (I am, you know), the more embarrassing that memory gets. I just want you to know that I can bake a potato any day of the week, any time of day. I've got it down. All thanks to you.



  3. Sounds like y'all are having a blast!!! I love the pic of Denny dying your hair. You are very brave to allow that. Glad things are going well.

  4. AHHH, Chester Store...seeing your pictures of Spokane makes me miss it too! I haven't been there in such a long time! I am really enjoying reading your blog. I told Shirley that you mentioned her in your last blog. She was touched!

  5. Definitely sounds different!!!! I'm so impressed by your ability to laugh in the face of so much craziness. Love you!

  6. loridayley@yahoo.comNovember 17, 2009 at 7:44 PM

    Oh how I love your blog!!! Brings back so many memories of living in foreign countries...especially the appliances & laundry hanging all over the place. In our case it was diapers! The salon names were a bit frightening, but I'm glad it all worked out well for you~namely the price. Keep on keepin' on! Love, Lori

  7. Mom, that was like a stand-up routine. Hilarious! You should take this on tour when you get back. Speaking of you getting back, don't get trunky, but I'll meet you at Chester in 16 months.