Monday, December 21, 2009


(If you click on the link above, and the planets align, you somehow will go to "facebook" (don't ask why) then to the Church News site. It's all a mystery to me but it's the only way I know to do it!)

This week, in the Church News, we were thrilled to see coverage of the production, "Minunata Dimineata" in which we played very important parts. Denny was in charge of gracefully opening and closing the Book of Mormon "door" and I was in charge of the lights. It really was a wonderful event and the missionaries have had much success as a result. As always, when people stop to really listen to the message of the gospel, truth is recognized and miracles happen. There are 80 missionaries in the Bucharest Romania Mission and about 22 million people who live in Romania, a country roughly the size of Oregon. As we travel around this big city every day, people strain to read our name-tags and then they watch us. We ask some for directions or help in pronouncing a word and they are very helpful and curious. They ask what we're doing here and then most of them thank us for our humanitarian efforts and wish us good luck. After our conversation, we give them a "Pass-along Card" and explain how they can learn more. We have found most of the Romanian people are gracious and wonderful. As is in any big city, there are grumpy ones and some that look at us with disgust. We smile more broadly at those! Somehow, our little army of missionaries will attempt to reach everyone. If you think this is an impossibility, you don't know our missionaries!

Below are some pictures from the production "Minunata Diminata".

This is Bro. Florine who played the part of "Nephi". He is currently awaiting his mission call.

The cast


  1. How fun to have the ward's (branch's?) hard work get recognition. There needs to be something about the water system in Moldova, too. Keep warm!

  2. I like the eyebrows on that one Elder and the Elder that looks Draculaish is pretty cute.