Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Now that the holidays are over, we are excited to get rolling as humanitarian missionaries. The Romanian people really know how to celebrate Christmas and nothing gets in their way...not business, not weather, not poverty. Most of our business contacts left Bucharest for Christmas, visiting family or just vacationing in other parts of Europe or Romania or the USA.

This first week of January, things are picking up. Our emails are getting answered and we have plans for a train trip to the north of Romania. We're excited!

By way of explanation concerning the video clips...

New Year's Eve was an experience that only a video camera could capture. At about 11:45 p.m., all heck broke loose and fireworks like we've never seen (so up-close and personal) started to light up the sky. The war-zone atmosphere lasted for an hour with fireworks shooting out of windows, off the roof, and as far as you could see.

I took some flack over the statement I made last week about the missionaries not really "being affected" by their calls to home on Christmas day. I remembered how I loved, loved, loved talking to my children for that special hour and I thought there should be more gushing as I watched the missionaries end their calls. I found out that they really love it as much as their mothers (for the most part), as the rebuttal video shows. So there.

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