Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Numara binecuvantarile. Count your blessings.

Recently, we traveled to Cluj where we officially presented five Braille writers to students in the third grade in the oldest school for the blind in Romania. It was a thrilling experience to be among these 9 and 10 year-old children who, in spite of their handicap, are happy and thriving. They live together in this school, sleeping under quilts made by Mormon women in the United States. They are smart and sensitive and very appreciative. When we entered their classroom, they were typing away, proud of their new skills. For the first time, third graders have their own Braillers! If you have ever donated to the Humanitarian Fund of the Church, consider yourself a hero. This is an example of where your money goes. We are ever aware that these are sacred funds.

The school is more than a hundred years old!

This little boy was writing us a thank-you note.


The concentration level is amazing, especially for a 9 year old.

The teachers are very patient.

This is the Principal of the school, Vasiliu Vanda. He is totally blind.

After the closing ceremony at the school, we traveled to Brasov to inspect missionary apartments. Just knowing we were coming spurred these guys into action. You can tell by the shining floor that their apartment was immaculate! We are proud of you Elder Marks and Elder Guest. You rock!

The sister missionary apartment was pristine as well! Way to go Soras Mudge and Owens!

No trip is complete without a walk through the old part of a city. Could our smiles be any wider? We love our mission!

The train ride home was spectacular. As you can see, the rain has nourished the lush growth.
The cows were having a feast!

Romania is knock-down gorgeous right now. In fact, we've decided to live here . . .
until March 14, 2011.


  1. It really is gorgeous now that it's Spring, huh? And those missionary floors are stunning. The missionaries are pretty darn cute, too.
    The "brailler's" were the best though. So touching! What a great mission. Glad you're having an awesome time. Tob called Call Realty today to report your grass is burning up :-) Just call us busy bodies! He offered to go turn the water on, but they said it was supposed to have already been taken care of. Hmmm...if we don't see sprinklers SOON, we'll saunter across the street. Love you~

  2. This post made me a little emotional. It's so cool to see those sweet kids using their braillers purchased with "sacred funds." You are doing such amazing work!
    Love you!