Monday, May 17, 2010


Last week we attended a track meet and a wheelchair basketball tournament hosted by the Organization for the Disabled. It was an amazing day and we are constantly awed by how these brave people meet their challenges. We were given this watercolor painting of us, to thank us for being their champion. If they only knew...these disabled people are OUR champions and our friends.

We're not sure who this coulple is but we ARE sure we're not that fat and bald!

The event was covered by the media. This was the awards ceremony.

We were invited to ride the bus to the next event which was the basketball tournament. It took about 1/2 hour to load this bus with wheelchairs and their riders. We just hopped on! We felt very blessed.

These basketball players are very skilled. Imagine a "fast break" in a wheelchair!

Elder Linerud giving some coaching advice. Some habits never die!

After the game, we were invited to take a "walk" with the team. They boldly weave in and out of traffic and it doesn't even phase them. We were nervous wrecks!

The train!
Posing for a picture in downtown Bucharest.


  1. Hooray! I somehow missed last week's post, so I got 3 today. What fun! Looks like things are going great. :) Keep it up!

  2. I LOVE the watercolor rendition and can't wait to see it adorning your walls when you get home. Which by the your mission EVER going to end? I think it's been at least as long as my own kids~lol! I'm giving a lesson in YW's next week and realize that what I just said above does NOT qualify for a "good" missionary letter. Whoops! Anyway, love and miss your guts!

  3. I miss you guys... especially when I see how much fun you're having!! Sorry I've been "weefy" about writing, but Amy and I talk and think about you guys alot!!! Romania looks so different without all the snow,I want to come back and see the green and flowers!
    You guys keep 'rockin' the mission you are the best!!! Te pa

  4. How cool is that painting of y'all!?! I love it.