Sunday, May 9, 2010


In addition to learning enough (to get by) of the Romanian language, we also have learned "Missionspeak". For example, when you are assigned to your first area as a new missionary, you are "born" there. Likewise, your last area is where you "die". Your trainer is your "father" unless you are a sister missionary, in which case, your trainer is your "mother". If you are a sister serving as a senior companion in a district and a new Elder is "born" in your district, he is your "son". If you are a sister, your first district leader is your "dad". You can have brothers and sisters if you share the same "dad" (da). New missionaries are lovingly referred to as Boboacas (sisters) or Bobocs (Elders). The root word is "Boboci" and it means "duckling". The ducklings are "green". If you spend much time with missionaries, you hear random words like, "weefy"--flakey, "bunged"--stood up, "noshed"--initiated your first day, and of course, "trunky"--thinking about home. There are AP's and ZL's and DL's. One word that is constant is "President". Don't abreviate! And we thought Romaneste was difficult!

Last week, on two consecutive days, there were Zone Conferences for 1/2 the mission at a time. Along with another couple, we served lunch to 100! The missionaries love being together and we took pictures to prove it! If you are a parent of one of these missionaries, this blog post is for you! Just know we love these servants! They are happy and bright and oh so hard-working.

Elder Lyons is just a boy in a tie who loves licking the bowl!

This is Cristina who taught us Romanian ON THE PHONE before we left Spokane. She teaches at the MTC and came home to visit family in Bucharest. She came at the end of the zone conferences both days to see her missionaries and you can imagine the mobbing she got! She is the reason all these missionaries know Romanian and they all love her! We love her too!

I love this picture. This book belongs to an Elder who loves his scriptures!

Sometimes, just for the fun of it, we will sit around a piano and sing.

Elders will join us until we have a choir...

or until one of us makes a lasting impression!


  1. Love that piano bench picture! On my first day, we went to dinner and everything was colored green. I thought they were learning about colors. It wasn't until dessert that it dawned on me. I said, "this is green because I'm new...right?" Uh...yes, sister kindred.
    Love mission speak.

  2. What a cute bunch of sisters/elders! I'm sure you are MAKING their missions. I know we sure miss you in the 'hood! Can't say the singing around the piano sounds "fun" but then again...anything to liven up a mission :-) and I must agree that he piano bench will indeed leave a "lasting" impression.